Facts about Gila County Engineering

Gila County is a county that can be found in the state of Arizona. They have an engineering department that can provide surveying, design, mapping as well as the technical knowledge about construction, roadway planning, maintenance and structures for drainage. Below are general details that you will want to know about the Gila County engineering:

Grading and Drainage: An ordinance for was created so that the public heath, general welfare and safety will be promoted. It also focuses on minimizing private and public losses through the regulation of grading and drainage for all land that is within the area of Gila County, Arizona that is unincorporated.
Right-of-Way: The purposes of the ordinance that was created includes to instruct all the public utilities agencies as well as the contractors on how they can prepare and submit their plans along with the other documentation in securing a Right-of-Way permits; to describe policies, processes and requirements involved; and to define the roles and the parties’ responsibilities.
Abandonments: The policy is established so that the general procedures and guideline for the abandonment of public roadway easements, public rights-of-way and all the other public easement that are under Gila County’s jurisdiction and are governed by Arizona Revised Statutes 28-7201 through A.R.S. 28-7215.
Primitive Roads: The policy clarifies the areas that are County Maintained Roads which are designated as Primitive Roads, the guidelines that should be used when selecting these roads and the signing of the requirements that are mandated for such types of roads.
Country Dirt Roads: The policy is established to ensure the uniformity of the countrywide policy with regards to the maintenance and designation of “Country Dirt Roads”.
Facts about Gila County Engineering
Other general information about Small Areas Transportation Study (SATS), Adopt-A-Road Program, Roadway Design and Survey are also included under the Engineering division of Gila County.…

Essential Details about Permits in Gila County

Every building being constructed needs a building permit from your local office. The permit issued from your local government will allow you to begin constructing your building project in accordance with the approved drawings and specifications. Building permits and inspections are required for safety purposes. This also helps ensure that work performed in your property is safe and complies with the current adopted building codes. It will also protect the investment you have and minimize liability when time comes a future sale.

Generally, building permits are required for every individual when they apply for:

• New building to be constructed whether for residential or commercial.

• Additional rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms, porches, etc.

Essential Details about Permits in Gila County
• Renovation that include garage conversion, kitchen expansion, basement furnishing.

• Plumbing system, electrical system, heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system (HVAC).

• Accessory structures.

Before construction of your building, you need to have your application requirements approved. Below are necessary building permit applications:

• Owner’s name, address and contact number.

• Signed owner builder statement or contractor information.

Essential Details about Permits in Gila County
• Tax Parcel number from Gila County

• 2 sets of plans which is plans to be drawn to scale on minimum 18” x 24” paper or a maximum of 24” x 36” paper.

• At least 2 copies of site plan which is 8 Ѕ x 11.

• Sanitary District, Waste Water department or community system approval for the projects.

• Floodplain clearance.

• Fire department approval required Calculation, job specification lay out.

Application for construction permits must be made in person in the office of the Building Safety department. Applications and plans are not accepted when it is mailed or faxed. At a time of submittal, fees are collected based on size. Plan review is within 10-20 working days depending on complexity of your plans. Once the plans have been reviewed and approved, you can construct and buy your building permit.…