Functions of a Gila County Engineering Assessor

Gila county was created in 1881 with major economic industries such as mining, ranching tourism and recreation. To ensure that the properties within the Gila County are managed and valued fairly as well as keeping the data up-to-date as much as possible, an engineering assessor plays an important role. A lot of people might not know its importance, but it has a big impact in the county. The mission of an assessor makes sure that their duties are administered wherein the public are confident and assured in their accuracy, productivity as well as fairness. Below are the major functions of an engineering assessor that you can keep in mind:

  • That all taxable and non-taxable properties in Gila County are discovered, listed and uniformly valued.
  • That the eligibility of the property tax exemptions will be determined as well as the senior freezes and all the other programs for the taxpayers.
  • That the proper legal class will be determined for all properties which will be based on the property’s current usage.
  • That the property tax laws in the State of Arizona will be improved.
  • That all of the legal requirements will be complied so that the processing of assessment will be in a timely manner.
  • It is also expected that the people working in the assessor’s office will treat everyone with compassion, respect and dignity. An engineering assessor is guided by the principles of honesty and fairness. As what was mentioned earlier, they play a very important role in the Gila County. All of the properties need to be managed by someone who has the knowledge. The place is known to be a great location to live, work and play. And the services of an engineering assessor ensure that people can get the best out of Gila County.