Gila County Engineers: Job Description

Engineering contains a huge number of job specialties and opportunities. With every specialty, you can see its description and nature of work, probably career advancement opportunities and specialties employment trends. Engineers are problem solvers who use their expertise in science and math to do their job and they work in various branches of engineering. Gila County had its engineering departments and this includes:

  • Deputy Director of Public Works/Engineering Manager – the natures of its work is to serve and provide assistance with managing and planning the operations, activities and staff of the Public Works department as well as plans, coordinates and manages Public Works Engineering projects and activities. Its duties and responsibilities are to serve and offer assistance to the Director of Public Works in relation to the administration of different public works including solid waste, consolidated roads, fleet/fuel, floodplain, shop, and participate in the development of departmental work plans and coordinates activities with other departments, outside agencies and organizations. It provides reviews, administers and recommends Public work policies and procedure that ensures efficiency and effectiveness. Also it serves as OIC in the absence of the Director in providing oversight of providing departmental operation and timely-decision making. Another is it help assists with the implementation and development of public Works budgets, approves and monitors expenditures. Its employment standard should at least finished Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Transportation Planning or Surveying or related field and 7 years public works and transportation experience as well as 2 years supervisory or management experience and equivalent combination of education, experience and training.
  • Engineering Technician Lead – it performs and lead paraprofessional office and field work in all County engineering activities that includes drafting, surveying, field inspection, traffic safety, permit issuance and map review. It provides emergency traffic control assistance, receives and request price quotes and orders supplies for daily operation. Employees may be called out to work off-shift in emergency situations. Its employment standard should have at least Associate’s Degree in Engineering and 5 years public work construction and surveying experience and any equivalent education, training and experience.
  • Environmental Engineering Manager – it organizes plans and, manages public and environmental health engineering events and staff. Its duty and responsibility is to oversee staff activities and manages resources in order to respond to community requirements and contractors request regarding sewage disposal system and building project clearances. Also it conducts surveys, site usage and meetings with prospective buyers, property owners, realtors, contractors and other relevant parties regarding the development of the property. Employment standard must be a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and 5 years’ experience in environmental health engineering and 2 years supervisory experience and is a registered Environment Health Specialist in Arizona and has valid Arizona driver’s license.
  • County Engineer Advisor – it provides and helps Public Work Department projects such as land surveying and construction dumpsters as well as it serves as liaison between ADOT and Gila County, City of Globe and US Forest Service. Its employment standard should at least have Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and 10 years’ experience of engineering design, land surveying and construction.

These are the four important Engineer jobs description that work in Gila County.