The Different Gila County Engineering Services

Gila County caters varieties of services that help every citizen become more self-sufficient. Every local institution creates different programs that will improve the way of living of its residents. From roads to buildings and infrastructure, health and technology, food and shops, all of these are given attentions. Below are different engineering services that Gila County could offer to its residents:

  • Maintenance work SR 73 near Pinetop/Lakeside – pavement maintenance is under construction to give its motorists and vehicle owners a quality roadway and to warn people to be aware of some lane closure and any traffic. Drivers should observe and experience narrow lanes and speed limits and possible delays of up 15-20 minutes.
  • Drainage improvement work on SR 188 – this project of Engineering and Transportation department will include the construction of two new concrete box, removing existence pipes, pavement and guardrail improvement. During this construction, drivers are encouraged to slow speed limits and motorists will experience a little traffic.
  • Community health improvement – this improvement plan made was developed through the data gathered. This plan should serve as a guide for the community and used as a reference and foundation for other health improvement programs. By implementing this plan, more people will receive critical health services and will have reduction of health disparities. It caters general health, physical health, social health and mental health.
  • Disaster assistance for small business – it covers both economic impacts on farmers and ranchers that have suffered agricultural production losses caused by disaster and other forms of calamities. Eligibility for these loans is based on financial impact of the disaster.
  • Solar Energy Project – the 390kW is expected to generate a lifetime electricity cost savings. Municipal leaders are investigating this matter if the impact of having this solar energy system can really lower the power rates and increase power energy solar of the entire county. Also, this will ensure long-term financial solutions that enrich the practicability of renewable energy for municipalities across the country.
  • Engineering and surveys – this provides mapping, design, surveying and technical knowledge for maintenance, construction and planning of roadways and drainage structures. Also, maintained roads will include traffic control for road constructions and maintenance operations.

The Gila county engineering department has big a responsibility to its residents. They should always look after the welfare of its citizens and give the best possible services they could offer and provide them accurately and promptly. The institution must give equal opportunity in all aspect of their lives.