Gila County Public Works Services

The people of Gila County, Arizona are assured of professional services in the safest, efficient and cost effective manner from the Gila County Public Works Division. They handle a wide array of activities and duties such as Engineering, Administration, Fleet Vehicle, Facilities, Recycling & Landfill Management, Equipment Services, and Consolidated Roads and Auto Equipment Maintenance for the Maintained Roadway System of the Gila County. Gila may have different departments but they all work together to achieve their goal. Below are different services that the Gila County public works give:

  • Adopt a Road program – this is a national litter awareness program where groups volunteer to pick off Gila County’s roadway system. The county is pleased to sponsor in this program because many of its residents get involved and can volunteer for any activities that the county have. The activity provides and offers benefits such as clean environment, provides public pride to the community, and functions as a reminder not to litter and save tax-payer’s dough. For Dumpster rental we have used Eagle Dumpster Rental they are affordable and reliable.
  • Consolidated roads – the department are responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the roadway system and may also include equipment or auto maintenance, fleet and fuel. Its main role is to provide manageable and safe roadway system to move its citizens and commodities everywhere in the county and they assist other emergencies such as floods and fire. They are also the one who manages the equipment and vehicle maintenance shops for the entire County.
  • Engineering and survey – its function is to provide mapping, surveying, design and technical information for construction, maintenance and planning of drainage structures ad roadway system.
  • Flood control district – the department helps every resident incur less property damage and to be safer when floods happen. They are also responsible for the floodplain management that includes review of engineering reports and proposed developments within regulatory flood ways, base flood elevation and calculation of erosion setbacks and other engineering support as needed for floodplain management.
  • Fairgrounds – the department is responsible to create fairground events such as rodeo, go kart racing, exhibit hall layout, and other fairground happenings.
  • Recycling and landfill management – they are responsible for the operation and compliance of two active landfills and they operate under the rules and regulations of the ADEQ and EPA. The department has recycling drop off bins for paper and plastic beverage bottle and actively recycle metals, green waste, oil, tire and batteries.
  • Rural addressing – they are responsible for generating GIS address points and upholding databases that support 9-1-1 public safety functions.

The Gila County may have separate departments but its mission and goal is to make their county liveable and prosperous.