Important Engineering Projects of Gila County

Every county needs improvement to ease the people’s struggle in many things. The administration of Gila County made major improvements in their roads/sidewalks that include the survey and study of road (rights-of-way), bridges, environmental permitting studies, engineering design and concept with the cooperation of various organizations. Below are engineering projects of Gila County and this includes the following:

  • Grading and drainage – drainage report/plan shall be required for all commercial development, single or multi-family residential subdivisions, manufactured home parks, industrial parks, and other developments that include engineering shall be prepared and sealed by registered professional civil engineer in Arizona. The drainage and grading report shall be based on minimum criteria established by the State Standards unless the Gila County adopts more restrictive drainage and grading design standards.
  • Right-of-way – the engineering department ensure that when the developing road they take proper precaution at all times for protection of property. They have maintained miles of roadway and they have started to pave the unpaved road and addressing bridges that are low satisfactory rating. With regards to roadway system, they improve their enforcement regarding over speeding and alcohol, more detailed crash analysis.
  • Solar energy project – this is a 390-kW project and is designed to shade canopy for the facility’s parking lot and at the same time it will meet at least 39% of its electricity needs with solar power. Municipal leaders are gradually investigating solar as a way to concurrently lessen environmental impact and as long-term financial solutions that develop the sustainability of renewable energy for towns across the county.
  • Water quality improvement – the goal of this project is to implement finest management that will restrain erosion occurring upland. The project planned to set up rip rap stabilization structures, substitute undersized ducts and attach channel plugs to reduce head cutting. Vegetation reseeding is recommended and encouraged where warranted by available water sources and soil types.

These are the top priority project of the Gila County’s engineering.